For a long time, our inventors were just a static illustrations on paper, and every time we looked at them, they called us to bring them to life again, so here they are!
Only one minute of magic is enough to bring some happy history into our fast lives.
There's so much love, effort and hard work in this animation, just to make our history alive again!
We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did while making the animation, and if there's a smile on your face, there's no better award for us.
Lana Hudina
Dražen Zeljković
CAST (in order of appearance): 
Ruđer Bošković
Nikola Tesla
Antu(o)n Lučić
Faust Vrančić
Ivan Vukić
Josip Belušić
Eduard Slavoljub Penkala
format: fullHD
year: 2013

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